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All Lenovo hardware products are delivered with a base warranty which is an integral part of the system specification. Lenovo provides customers with a manufacturer’s warranty against faulty workmanship or defective parts, provided the product is used normally. The length and service level are specified for each machine type model and cannot be downgraded.

The base warranty period starts one day after the build date (proof of purchase date). It can be changed upon request and production of proof of purchase. The base warranty covers parts and labour for a given warranty period, mostly one or three years for Think, and one or two years for Lenovo-branded products. The length of the warranty period extension or upgrade may be up to a maximum period of five years for Think, and three years for Lenovo-branded hardware.

You can also choose from the following additional Support Services:

WARRANTY EXTENSIONS Fixed-term, fixed-price service solution to match the lifecycle of your device and fit within your budget. Avoid unexpected expenses and enjoy consistent service levels for your school.
ONSITE WARRANTY Provides fast access to higher levels of response and services, resulting in shorter downtime and maximized productivity. Achieve maximum uptime and productivity for you staff and students.
WARRANTY DEFFERAL Offers an exclusive Warranty plan to match the needs of your school and your buying cycles. You can buy hardware and warranties on your schedule and enjoy warranty coverage throughout the upcoming school year, when it counts the most.
LENOVO'S THREE-YEAR SEALED BATTERY WARRANTY Extends the standard one-year base battery coverage by providing three years of comprehensive support on your products’ sealed batteries.*
SEALED BATTERY WARRANTY EXTENSIONS Battery warranty is 1 year regardless of the system warranty. Extend your 1-year base battery warranty up to a 3-year Sealed Battery Warranty. A low upfront cost provides significant savings relative to a noncovered battery replacement and saves the hassle and frustration of dealing with unplanned expenses.
PREMIER SUPPORT Direct access to advanced troubleshooting during extended hours, end-to-end case management and parts prioritization.
ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE PROTECTION Protects beyond our normal system warranty by providing coverage for accidental damage due to liquid spills, unintentional drops or bumps, and electrical surges.
KEEP YOUR DRIVE Protects sensitive information in the unlikely event a drive fails while covered under warranty, improving data security and potentially alleviating liability risks. Focus on providing high-quality learning and do not worry about security breaches.
LENOVO'S ASSET TAGGING Provides information-rich, tamper-resistant asset tags affixed to your PC and stored in the system’s BIOS before the PC is delivered to you, keeping systems identifiable and protected.
LENOVO'S MANAGED INSTALLATION Designed to ensure the migration of your systems is done on time, efficiently, and accurately to ensure maximum productivity with minimal interruptions during your deployments.
TECHNICAL INSTALLATION OF CRU PARTS Base warranty typically requires self-replacement of Customer Replaceable Unit (CRU) parts. Upgrade to Technician Installation of CRUs and all internal CRU parts are subject to on-site service.
LENOVO'S ADVANCED AUTOMATION PROCESS This will apply your custom image and configuration settings while your PCs are being manufactured to ensure consistency, rapid deployment, and lower costs.
LENOVO'S ASSET RECOVERY Offers a single source solution for the secure, documented disposition of IT assets and data, and can be customized to address the unique needs of your organization.
EXPEDITED PICK-UP & RETURN COURIER Expedited Pick-up & Return Courier Service enhances the standard 7 – 10 business day Pick-up & Return Courier Service with a guaranteed faster repair 3 business days.
Please speak to one of our Lenovo Education Partners (LEPs) for more details on our Service Support programs.