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From laptops built to withstand the rigors of school life, to innovative tablets, speedy desktops and highly reliable workstations capable of processing huge amounts of data, we have a broad range of education-based products to help teachers teach and students learn.

Whatever you choose, with Lenovo you can be confident that you’ll get best in class education technology for your needs. And for extra peace of mind, all our devices come with a 3-year warranty support service programs and a total funding solution.


Some of the school, teacher and student-friendly features and benefits found on Lenovo products:

The latest processors - so they're fast, powerful and secure
Ultra-thin and ultra-light – so they’re easier to carry around all day
Built-in security – to protect users and data
Watchband hinges – for perfect viewing, typing and collaborating
Long battery life – to last a full school day
Gorilla Glass screens – to withstand the knocks of school life
Gapless keyboards – stay clean by keeping out dust and dirt
Powerful processors – help students power through work
High resolution, anti-glare screens – make working longer hours easier
3-year warranty and finance options – to help make budgets stretch further
Laptops tough enough for the military – and school life.

Since 2007, we have tested our ThinkPad products to US Department of Defense MIL-STD 810G* standards. So you can confidently invest in them knowing that they are engineered to survive the toughest classroom environments – whether that’s room 3C or Kew Gardens.

ThinkPad products are currently tested for 12 total methods and 20 procedures:
Mechanical Shock: High acceleration, repeated shock pulses over 18 times.
Low Temperature: Storage: -25C for 24 hrs. Operation: -21C for 8 hrs.
Vibration: Tested while running and turned off.
Sand & Dust: 140 mesh silica dust for 6 hr. cycles and silica sand for 90 mins. Cycles.
Shipboard Vibration: 4-33Hz for 2 hrs.
Fungus: 28 days with common fungus sources
Humidity: 91–98% relative humidity, at 30–60°C.
Altitude: Tested for operations at 15,000 feet
Extreme Temperature: 25 – 60°C over 3 cycles of 2 hr. duration.
Solar Radiation: Seven 24-hr. cycles of simulated UV radiation
High Temperature: Storage: 63C for 24 hrs. Operation: 43C for 8 hrs.
Explosive Atmosphere: Fuel vapor environment
** MIL-STD 810G establishes a methodology for testing products against environmental stresses under controlled laboratory conditions. Such testing is not a guarantee of future performance under these test conditions. Abuse, like that contained in MIL-STD 810G testing, is not covered under Lenovo’s standard warranty.

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